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Friday, April 27, 2018

Say What? Bauchi State Governor Empowers Youth With Brand New Wheelbarrows (See photos)

This is according to Multiple Photos and tweets on Social Microblogging website Twitter;
“@braveyellk: @Gidi_Traffic . Youth empowerment in Bauchi state. This laziness must be addressed. Lol

RT @lazynaijayouth1: So @MBuhari actually left Abuja just to Commission “Omolanke” (Wheelbarrows) in Bauchi. These Wheelbarrows must be 2019 Model. What a country!
We hit new low as a country on a daily basis. Isn’t it high time we started asking questions and critique these governors from the North about their priorities and vision?
Other countries are celebrating new discoveries but here we are commisioning wheelbarrows. Shame, tragic 😭
more photos below...
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