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Monday, October 16, 2017


There is shortage of drugs and medical personnel in all the IDP camps in the North. Buhari's immediate family decries lack of basic drugs and equipment in Aso Rock Clinic, yet, Buhari military chose South East for its free medical outreach.
I refuse to believe that your intention is genuine; you don't kill people and be their doctor at the same time.
It is yet surprising, the sudden change of tactics by the Hausa-Fulani murderous genocidists of Biafrans, turned their physicians. The Nigerian military who has consistently been killing and maiming Biafrans from ages till date, has desperately metamorphosed in their depraved drive, into medical experts and forcefully been administering killer biological weapon of mass destruction called vaccination on Biafran children in various schools across Biafraland. As for health concerns, it can be testified that Biafran children are 100% medically sound compared to the almajiris (Hausa-Fulani children) of the Northern part of Nigeria. It then becomes extremely suspicious why these vampiric doctors of the Hausa-Fulani stock should invade Biafraland with their medication instead of attending to their almajiri children up North. Why Biafraland where there exists absolutely no epidemic? What kind of disease if really justified are those vaccines administered to Biafran children meant to cure or prevent?
There has never been any outbreak of the disease called MONKEYPOX until the Nigeria military invaded Biafraland to launch their annihilative Operation Python Dance II and Crocodile Smile II respectively and the resultant consequence amongst other heinous atrocities committed against Biafrans is this ravaging epidemic named after a specie of an animal. Biafrans should be wary about this because it was purely machinated by the Northern Hausa-Fulani jihadists in government in connivance with the so-called Eastern governors, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and some other deadly political class from the region, aimed principally at totally decimating Biafrans.
But let it be explicitly made known to you that with all their inducements, you should not fall prey to their traps. Biafrans must therefore strongly resist this evil medical outreach to save both their lives and that of the upcoming generations. These enemies cannot administer any medication that will better the lives of our children because judging from history of events in this evil forest called Nigeria, there has never been any good program lined to favour Biafrans.

We are therefore placing the world on notice regarding this ongoing extermination agenda put together by these criminals in Biafraland through the instrumentality of the the Hausa-Fulani bootlickers in the mould of Igbo political elites and opinion leaders of which the drunk and vampiric governor of Anambra state called Willie Obiano is chief. This will make all sane mortals to fully understand that the Nigerian Army through which this wickedness is perpetrated, is just not only terroristic but on a clinical killing mission in Biafraland.

The Army forceful free medical treatment has grossly caused great pandemonium in many schools across Biafraland as unaccountable number of children were bent on escaping being victims of the deadly monkeypox epidemic. Even parents were not spared the psychological trauma of running after their children from taking the toxic injection.
Let our parents especially those resident in Anambra state take precautionary measures this time around in saving their children from this scourge.

The question every rationale human being should then be asking is: "why should Muhammadu Buhari who has been sick according to them, not being treated by the so-called Army medical professionals instead of shuttling between Nigeria and Britain for treatments? This medical outreach targeted against Biafran children by the Nigerian military is a biological weapon of mass destruction aimed at exterminating the future of Biafra. How can the commissioned terrorists of Biafrans and the kidnappers of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and of course the entire Biafrans - Nnamdi Kanu, be your doctors and nurses? There is already a milling rumour now that the same Nigerian Army is seriously preparing to despatch the killer squad of medical doctors to Rivers state. This has prompted parents to proactively withdraw their children from schools until further notice.

It is pertinent to remind us here that Pythons can only inject deadly venoms into their victims and not vaccines.

Biafrans be wise and act wisely!

God bless Biafra!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press
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