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Friday, October 20, 2017

Army Killer-Vaccination Rumour: 11-Year-Old Pupil Severely Injured In Rivers State

One Michael Olusola, 11-year-old pupil in Rivers state, got severely injured during the chaos over the rumours that the Nigerian army was going around inoculating students with killer vaccines
Olusola had attempted to scale his school’s fence when the institution was invaded by hoodlums of took advantage of the chaos to cause mayhem
The boy is now recuperating at a hospital in the state after doctors had to stitch his hand, due to the severe injury he sustained An 11-year-old pupil in Rivers state, Michael Olusola, sustained a severe injury while trying to jump his school’s face during the pandemonium associated with the Army killer-vaccination exercise rumours, Punch reports.
The young boy severely injured his left hand while trying to avoid being inoculated with the alleged deadly vaccine.
Olusola was one of three students who sustained various injuries during the incident. Hoodlums had taken advantage of the pandemonium and decended upon Olusola’s school.
As they went about destroying various equipments, the students believed they would come after them, and began running helter-skelter.
Speaking about the unfortunate incident, Mrs. Cordelia Amadi, the school’s headmistress stated: “I was in the office on Tuesday when some parents came and said that they heard that in Owerri that some soldiers were entering schools and forcefully injecting children.
“The parents insisted that they wanted to take their children back home. “I told them that no soldier would enter the school without invitation and that the school would not allow the children to go until 1pm.
“But before you knew what was happening, some miscreants broke the gate and entered the school premises. “They (miscreants) destroyed computers and some other equipment in school. “Even when the State commissioner for education came in to tell the parents that the information they got was false, the parents still did not believe him.
“After the incident, about seven students were left behind and a woman came and said she was looking for her son. Then one of our teachers told me that a boy was injured and he was seen running home with the wound.
“A Good Samaritan saw the boy and rushed him to a clinic.” The young boy is still receiving treatment at the hospital, and the headmistress stated that she had visited him there.
His father Mr. Sunkami Olusola, further disclosed that as a result of the severe injury, his son’s hand had to be stitched by doctors. He expressed profound sadness over the incident.
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