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Friday, June 16, 2017


Planting your own vegetables is as easy, fulfilling, and will give you a bountiful harvest!
Plant enough Heirloom and Hybrid tomatoes to eat right away (everyday of the harvest season) and enough to preserve for the entire year.
Plan to seed tomatoes around 6-8 weeks before your average last frost.  If you live in the South, they should be the only vegetables that you HAVE to start early.

STEP 1 – Prepare Soil
To begin, prepare small containers (cell trays that contain many small compartments on one flat work great) with a good seed-starting soil medium. 

STEP 2 – Plant Seeds
Place 1 or 2 seeds in each container, at 1/4” deep. Pat down soil medium, and water the soil.

STEP 3 – Keep Plants in Warm Location
Place the newly sown vegetables in a warm location, preferably 75° or warmer, but temperatures of 65° or greater will work fine are much easier to accommodate (like in the house). Like most plants, the vegetables need to consistently be in moist (but not saturated) soil throughout their growing season. Once the seedlings emerge, relocate to a sunny locations where they can receive 5-6 hours of light and enjoy the comfortable temperature of around 70°.  Water the seedlings with a weak, half strength solution of liquid fertilizer when needed.

STEP 4 – Transplant and Harden Off

Once the first true leaves appear on the seedling (when they are around 2 inches tall), transplant vegetables in 3-4 inch pots filled with similar soil medium.  Also at this time, snip the extra seedlings you planted in each cell so that each pot contains only one plant.

A couple of weeks before planting, begin to harden off the seedlings by bringing them outside.  Start by placing them in a partly sunny area for about an hour one day when the weather begins to warm. Follow this by a couple hours of sun the next day.  By the end of a week or 10 days of hardening, the tomatoes are ready for the garden.

 Don’t substitute this soil medium for potting mix, which contains large pieces of bark, or garden soil, which compacts easily.  Believe me; results are poor.

See vide below;

Author: Bright Mary Elias
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