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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I May Be Dead Before 2019... Pope Francis shocks the world

Pope Francis has voiced his concerns that he may not be alive up till 2019. Speaking on Saturday at a vigil service to rally enthusiasm for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day, the Pope urged young people to lead the church’s future.

As reported by AP, the 80-year-old Pope referred to his own mortality twice in the span of a few minutes at the vigil...

“I don’t know if it will be me, but the Pope will be in Panama!” he told the crowd gathered at the St. Mary Major basilica.

A few minutes earlier, he drew gasps from the pews when he teased: “At my age, we (old people) are about to pass away.”

Sensing their pained reaction, he added: “Who guarantees life? No one. At your age, you have the future ahead of you.”

The Pope is known for his casual, self-deprecating remarks and has said repeatedly he didn’t expect to be Pope for very long.

“The future is in your hands,” he told the youths.

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