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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Husband Of Lady Who Died Birthing Her Baby Via CS Writes Emotional Tribute, Says Hospital Lied.

According to Stella read below:
He sent me an email last night and I called him to confirm, he did and thanked me....Seems he has been reading this blog and comments.He says the Hospital is telling lies on Blogs and he wanted to clear the air.....This is also a Tribute to the woman he lost....

''Dear Stella,
Find bellow my letter to all readers and the truth about my Wife’s Death. Thanking you for all your efforts''.
To all readers and Friends:

My light went out on 26th of March 2017 when my beloved wife passed away at the Hospital Medical Art Centre due to the negligence of the Doctors assisting, My beloved Wife was bleeding since Friday 24th of March and nobody reacted on my almost disturbing calls for assistance always with the same answers that this is normal I shouldn’t worry, until almost 20 hours later they had to agree on the almost late blood transfusions after a result of PVC from 12,7.
I am not a consumer of Alcoholic drinks nor cigarettes and my beloved Wife has never ever known the taste of Alcohol. It was a terrible shock because we all believed she was making favourable progress towards recovery.
She was very happy during her last hours and died after a long fight against the internal bleeding. Members of our family visited her less than 12 hours before she died and she told them how her Doctor had told her that she would be able to return to her home on Monday 27th that we shouldn’t worry that this bleeding is normal. 
God in His infinite wisdom had other plans. Our nearly 6 Years of living together was extremely happy. We had struggles but these were overcome and we found much happiness in anticipation of better things to come.
 We were blessed with a wonderful family and since she got pregnant we hoped to enjoy many happy days in each others company with our Baby to come.

My dear wife was not only a wonderful wife and future mother but she was a meticulous housekeeper and homemaker. She was a cheerful, friendly person and made many warm friends. She seldom, if ever criticised any person. Instead, she preferred to refer to their good qualities. 
She was the soul of honesty. She would never shade the truth no matter what the consequences. She loved her church and was faithful to her allotted tasks. She also lived growing and caring for flowers, animals and the ones in need . She found much pleasure in her Make Up professionalism, and besides following the activities of local and International Charity.
Together we had anticipated a busy year in 2017. We planned a reception for our Baby, Everything has been changed. 
And now, dear friends, I close this tribute with a feeling of humility and submission to Divine authority. I know many men have a wonderful wife but no one has ever had a better one than I. She was faithful, efficient, loyal and true. She inspired me in ways I cannot explain.
 I have lost a worthy helpmate but I have nothing but happy memories of our nearly 6 years of life together. I sorrow now for my loved one but the burden has been lessened by the many kindnesses shown me and my family from all of you my Dear Friends. I mention no names lest someone inadvertently be missed.
 Her funeral will be simple and carried out with the dignity she so much admired. My desk is covered with cards and letters extending love and sympathy.
 I do want you all to know how grateful I am for all you have said or done. The tribute you paid myself and family touched us deeply. I fear I cannot thank all of you personally but be assured your kindness will never be forgotten.Yours Faithfully
Arlindo de Freitas

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