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Saturday, March 4, 2017

See the 'Baby Bin" created for parents who wants to dump their unwanted babies (See Photos)

Strange and absurd as it may sound, a "Baby Bin" has been created for parents (Desperate mothers) who wants to dump their unwanted newborns. And the church behind it claims it has saved hundreds of lives as they say it gives unwanted babies a fresh shot at life after they are abandoned.
The Berea Baptist Church in Johannesburg installed the hatch so newborns could be left anonymously by parents unable or unwilling to care for them. the call it "The Door Of Hope"

Desperate parents can leave their young babies in the hatch, where they will be picked up and cared for by staff at the orphanage 
 Desperate mothers can leave their child in the hatch, nicknamed the Door of Hope 

Staff at the centre are alerted by alarm when a baby is left in the hatch
When it was installed in 1999, up to 50 babies were being dumped on the streets and left to die by their parents every month.
Among the horrific stories highlighted by the centre include babies being flushed down toilets, left at rubbish dumps and thrown from buildings.

But the Door of Hope says it has saved the lives more than 1,500 lives through its kind-hearted charity work since.
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