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Friday, March 3, 2017

Same Sex Couple Both Breastfeed Their Baby Daughter Despite One Not Giving Birth

Australian couple Claire and Steph appeared on the ITV show via video link to discuss how Claire gave birth to their child in January, but both Claire and Steph have taken on breastfeeding duties.

Steph explained on the show that while she hadn’t given birth to the couple’s daughter, she has given birth in the past, and found out that meant she may be able to express milk again, even without being pregnant.
She read about another couple who had successfully done so and did some research. It helped that Claire has a background in natural medicine and knew a lot of the tips about how to boost milk supply in mothers who have given birth.
“I started pumping regularly,” said Steph. “I took a lot of fenugreek, breastfeeding tea and breastfeeding biscuits and as many natural things as I could.
"Towards the end of Claire’s pregnancy I took Domperidone, which is a drug they give to mothers with low supply. It’s an anti-nausea drug and one of the side effects is increased prolactin. I’ve been taking a low dose to boost my supply towards the end and that’s it, our bodies are amazing and I can feed.”
The couple cited their very close relationship as a possible reason why Steph was able to produce milk as, although it’s theoretically possible for women to have given birth to produce milk again, it’s not very easy or common.
Claire said: “I guess being in a same sex relationship [Steph] understands what’s happening in my body and potentially that connects us and maybe made it a bit easier for her. I’m not sure.”
She said Steph being able to do two feeds a day - one in the morning and one at night - was a huge help as it allowed her two small pockets of time to shower or get started on dinner.
“We’re not trying to change people’s opinions,” said Steph. “It’s not really up for debate. We more just want to educate and help women out there in a similar position and even women in heterosexual relationships who might have a low supply and not know these options are open to them to help breastfeed their babies.
We’ll never change everyone’s minds or reach everyone, but the people we can help are the ones who will listen.”
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