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Friday, March 24, 2017

Nigerian pastor claims his followers who typed “I receive” to his prophecy received miraculous money in their bank account

Prophet Andrew Ejimadu is a Nigerian pastor based in Zambia, and he has claimed he has the power to prayer over your bank account and then you’d begin to receive money in it.
In a new post shared on Facebook, one of his members claimed he received a credit alert in his bank account after typing “I receive on Facebook”.
Attention! Does miracle money really happen? Have you experienced it before? Where does Seer 1 produce this money from? Can people receive this money from all over the world?
These and more are the questions I come across everyday. Like I Prophesied, people are finding strange money in their accounts right now. Our inbox is filled with testimonies. Have you received yours? Immediately you type: I receive and share this post yours will hit your account. Try it. Distance is not a barrier. #Seer1 7 days to go. Money will rain in LIVINGSTONE #NamatamaGROUNDS

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