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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More Nigerian women testify against Catholic Priest who wanted to rape them

More Nigerian women have continued speaking against rape and all form of sexual assaults, and in this exclusive report, the lady who relayed a heart-wrenching experience she had with a Catholic Priest, who took advantage of her helpless position to almost rape her in a hotel in Owerri to Lailasblog,  disclosed that she needs no pity as she has gone through counselling and has gotten over it.
Jessica Chinwe Uba in her Facebook post, alleged that a Catholic Priest who her
EX reported her to for a better relationship, used his position as a counsellor to get closer to her. She also alleged that the Priest who reportedly deceived her with a meeting with a friend, checked into the hotel instead with a fake name on the supposed day of rape which got her suspicious, leaving her with few seconds to plan her escape from the hotel room. 
Read her 'rape story' she sent to lailasblog;

I don't need any pity either  to ridicule the victim.
MEN are MEN!!!  Despite their profession, as long as they pocess Testetorone and not castrated. They are bound to have Emotional feelings and sexual urge.
Nevertheless, I believe that ones' profession determines and affects "who's" social and personal life. You need to carefully choose a profession for career life in other to avoid embarrassment and judgment.

I am from the Eastern Part of Nigeria, where catholic dominates, 70% of people are born into the catholic family which I'm happily and proudly one of them.
We respect catholic priests, and see them as perfect guardians and counselors. Moreover get close to them and get closer to God.
Though young and naïve i was in a relationship which started before I graduated from one of the recognized university in Nigeria.
My "ex" reported me to our parish priest in other

to have a better relationship.
I was expecting a counsel, Rather the Rev Fr used the medium to draw me close to him, being a very advanced man, I never had anything negative in Mind.
He started drawing me closer by inviting me to help in arrangement and calculation of offering cash which I happily and gladly do, after which he offer me well prepared Sunday Rice (better food oh)
He also promised to assist me get Job since I have graduated from the university,  because we have well connected and billionaires in our community who worships in our parish.

I was really happy with the promise. But anytime I reminds him, he'll respond " I will do something" without doing anything.
One faithful Sunday, after the normal church service. He called and informed me that he'll like us to visit is friend and colleague at Enugu, who just arrived from the state. I concurred and inform my family and partner about the development as I normally do, which I was advised to be careful.
On this "BLACK WEDNESDAY" he called and reminded me about the journey which was meant to be by 12.30pm same day. I got prepared and left for the parish House. He spent of his Days in abroad so he don't do African Time.

We left for our destination by 1.00pm. He diplomatically asked me if my Mother is aware of the journey, I replied him " My family is fully aware.
On reaching at a Junction, he took the route to Owerri instead of the supposed Enugu Road. I was curious but don't want to be too fast with actions because I might be wrong.
I gently asked him why the change of route to Owerri instead of Enugu as planned. He calmly said he just need to relax in Owerri before he proceeds to Enugu, I fumed but don't want to put on an argument which may lead to distraction and cause accident.
As a graduate of one of the Universities in Owerri, Imo state, I kept calm because the town is neither strange nor new to me. Just watching as he'll unleash his plans. Approaching Owerri, The priest knowing fully well that I schooled in Owerri asked me where he can get drugs, I replied " I don't know, maybe you get to ask somebody when you get to your destination. At this moment I became very nervous and took something from him ( stole his 3K) may God forgive me.

He drove to a Hotel close to Imo State University Junction, walked to the receptionist and booked a room, filled the register, why he asked me to go get money from his Car, I smartly glanced at the register and saw that he registered his name as "MR EMEKA" at this Junction I don't need a soothsayer to tell me I'm doomed. I have to start crafting for an escape route. The Receptionist ( a woman) took us to to the exclusive room which is very Marvelous ( I never lodge for that kind room before) The Look on the receptionist face is weird but I don't want to start imagining what's going on her mind because on my mind was focused on how to escape.

Immediately we entered the room, the priest became unclad without wasting time, he looked at me and say "Relax you're a Big Girl" As I was sitting on the bed, he came close to me, in attempt to caress me, he asked if I want to go into modeling so he will sponsor me ( I know all this is to get to his destination) he further say I should change to something free so i can be comfortable ( I can't remember telling him I'm uncomfortable with what my wears)

I told him that i need to make use of the Rest Room which he obliged, I rushed in and Chat my Best Friend ( I avoided phone call so the priest won't hear my voice) He "my Best Friend" told me to find a way and leave the hotel, he'll come and pick me. I went ahead to beg him talk to his parents about my impromptu visit which he did.
I came out of the Rest room, I told the priest that I'm experiencing a stomach upset, so I need to get a drug. He agreed and told me to be fast because is late and moreover its raining though not heavily.
I ran out and thanked my stars. I boarded the next available Keke. He called me countless times, I never picked. Till date we have never seen or meet again.  (Updated post)

Jessica also disclosed that her sister, who is a Reverend Sister knows about this, including her family members, she also warned girls not to make silly mistakes of sleeping around. 
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