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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lady reveals how nurses at a Lagos hospital refused to release the foetuses of her sister's dead set of twins

Instagram user, tayotijanee took to her page to narrate how Island Maternity Hospital, Lagos refused to release the foetuses of her sister's dead twins baby.

She said they kept acting strange and asking for irrelevant documents before they would release them. Continue reading after the cut....

"My sis in-law miscarried her pregnancy(twin girls) on saturday the 11th of March 2017 at 6+ months at the ISLAND MATERNITY HOSPITAL. The nurses gave my mum and my sis in-law's mum the placenta and didn't mention anything about the dead foetuses. So we requested to have them because we saw some hidden moves that they wanted to use them for something. YES TRUST ME!! The nurses and staffs got very uncomfortable and started making things difficult for my mum and my sis in-law's mum. They asked them to bring affidavit (on a saturday) which I am not even sure is right. When my mum said the affidavit will be done on Monday, they asked for her driver's license or her international passport and refused the National ID Card my mum had with her. So I was called to stand in for my mum. I forgot to mention that while my sis in-law was in labour, the nurses or staffs collected money from her mother saying they bought things for the delivery which she didn't even see, they told her to wrap the money in a paper before handing it over to them so people won't see them collecting the money from her, and there was no receipt or record for it. SAD!!! And here is a video I took while I was there. Please see the sorry state of the ISLAND MATERNITY HOSPITAL . I wonder why people still go there atall...... "
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