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Friday, March 3, 2017

Lady Calls Oge Okoye Out After Stealing Kenya Moore’s Dogs Photo As HERS

I’m done! Soo done!!! Just soo done with some of our celebs. HABA… This I must belong syndrome is really it oh. They must see me by force. Geez, meanwhile most of them are still dreaming about the lives they live, Geez again! Sigh! Just days ago, one said the things she posted on IG that she claims her husband bought for her wasn’t actually from him, damn!!! And now Oge Okoye went as far as taking a photo from a public figure’s page and slammed it as hers? I’m done, so so done. May God lift our celebrities up and give them the life they dream. Atleast they will stop disgracing us nah! The calling out after the cut!!! Lord have MERCY!
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