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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dino Melaye Certificate scandal: See 7 Incontrovertible Facts That Nailed The Senator

The embattled Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye was on Monday 27 cleared by Vice Chancellor, Ahamadu Bello University, Prof Ibrahim Garba on certificate and graduation controversies. 

The Senator has since slammed a N5billion legal suit against SaharaReporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore.

But despite Dino’s clearance by ABU VC, criticisms have continued to gather momentum as to the authenticity of his certificate. 

In reaction, a Facebook user, The truth said: “Dino has dug his own grave, and only him shall be buried inside it. Omoyele Sowore does not go to press with gibberish and balderdash. He seeks neither fame nor wealth. And while he may not have 100 percent credibility in all situations, he surely has some concrete proofs at his disposal whenever he takes on anyone. 

Here are 7 incontrovertible facts that nailed Dino Melaye: 

1. Inconsistencies in his names 

What exactly are the names of Mr. Melaye? There are five possibilities for this: 

  • Daniel Jonah Melaye (This was on his statement of results issued by ABU and signed Feb 3, 2000); 
  • - Melaye Daniel (NYSC certificate, July 8th, 2001); .
  • - Daniel Dino Melaye (Diploma certificate from UNIJOS, Aug 3, 2006); 
  • - Melaye Daniel Jonah O (SSCE Certificate, 1992}; 
  • - Dino Melaye (Official name, NASS website). 
  • - Dino, what exactly is your name and how did you come about changing your names 5 times!  
2. Harvard and LSE 
In a video that went viral, Dino claimed that he holds a degree certificate from Harvard University and London school of Economics and political science respectively. However, in an email letter to Sahara Reporters, both institutions denied ever admitting any student by the name Melaye not to talk of graduating same. 

3. Ghost graduand 
Sahara Reporters published the list of ABU 99 set with Dino Melaye's name conspicuously missing. Who graduates from a University but does not make the graduating list? 

4. No show on the alumni site 
I have personally tried to search for Dino Melaye's name on the ABU alumni site to no avail. I have typed all of his names and their variants; nothing came up. I have also typed each of his names separately, still, no show. How is that possible? 

5. Deficiencies in O level certificate 
Sahara Reporters revealed that in his SSCE which he sat for in 1992, Dino Melaye had only 3 credits in the following subjects: Agric, CRK and Biology. Now, the question is, how did he gain admission into ABU in spite of scoring P8 in core subjects (Maths, English and even geography)? 

6. B.A. Geography? 
A dig into ABU's website revealed that the department of Geography was once in the faculty of Arts before it was later added to the faculty of Sciences. However, Dino's statement of results leaves more questions than answers. For instance, between 1973 and 2011,the department graduated the following students with BSc in Geography: 

  • -Bawa Jonah Seth Besanhi (BSc Geography; graduated in 1973); 
  • - Abin Daniel John (BSc Geography; graduated in 1978); 
  • -Dada Daniel Adefila (BSc Geography; graduated in 1979)
  • -Beshiru Daniel (BSc Geography; graduated in 1980); 
  • -Daniel Bosede Biddy (BSc Geography graduated in 1983); 
  • -Atenji Daniel E. (BSc Geography; graduated in 1986); 
  • -Ndasala Jonah (BSc Geography; graduate in 1987). 
  • -Birga Jonah (BSc Geography; graduated in 2007); 
  • -Kaigama Jonah Ishaku (BSc Geography; graduated in 2011). 

So where did Dino who graduated in 1999 get his B.A. result? 

7. Conflicting dates on the statement of results 
At least, Dino Melaye's statement of results has 3 different dates: on the top right corner of the paper is 26th June, 2000; somewhere in the middle is 3rd February, 2000 and down left is 22nd September, 2010. What happened? Dino, if you find yourself in a pit, stop digging. This is your Waterloo. We are keenly watching.

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