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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Lady Accuses Apostle Suleman Of Having Threesomes With Her And Actress Iyabo Ojo

Okay, so there’s another lady, Stephanie Ogbonna who right now is openly accusing Pastor Suleiman of going down with her.
According to her, he slept with her. She also accused actress Iyabo Ojo of organizing ladies for Pastor Suleman and said the actress has been deleting her comments. Iyabo Ojo is now caught in the middle of the scandal.
In part she wrote:
“I have been very silent on Apostle Sulaiman issue because i want to see how far he is willing to take this lie. I had to come on instagram to put my story out there. I met him at the airport in Mombasa Kenya and he took my contact. We had sex in dubai on that trip
He called me two weeks after and invited me back to Nigeria cutting short my trip in dubai. He bought me a business class ticket and sent me an address in Agungi area of Lekki to wait for him at his girlfriend’s house as he would want us to have a threesome as he enjoyed my breasts. Lo and behold the house was the house of nollywood actress Iyabo ojo iyaboojofespris in an estate called 5Streets in Agungi. She made me comfortable and told how she doesnt mind whatever the pastor does as long as he keeps giving her money.
He had just rented the house for her she said her black range was giving her problems as it was also in the mechanic’s place. Apostle came in around 11pm. He drove himself in a black Gwagon and his driver drove a silver range one of his other cars. After our round of sex in iyabo ojo room, he gave her the keys to the range that she should sell the black range off since it was old already. He gave her $3000 to send to her son in the US as he was said to be taking a trial exam and needed to pay some bills. He gave me $5000 and a key to a room at Protea hotel. I calles Uber and went to the hotel to wait for him.
He came on the third day on his way to Abuja and gave me another $2000. He is a nice man and the sugar daddy of most nollywood actresses but for God’s sake, he should stop lying. iyaboojofespris you can say this is a lie but in your heart you will know its true. How you told me you dont make money from films but you are just doing it to keep your face and you know Sulaiman carries your bill.
Do you remember the house you told me Sulaiman is building st Osapa and he had promised he will give you to live in. When i felt shy about our threesome you told me that you arrange that for him always cos its what he enjoys and even jokes that even if he wants to have with you and your daughter together, you will allow him”

“Stop deleting my comments on peoples post. Everyone knows about you, me and Sulaiman by now. Dont provoke me to mention the owner of your house, your real age and your bank account Apostle Sulaiman pay money to with proof. Warn your girls and I will help you keep what is left of your shame. I am shameless already because in truthful. I dont bite the finger that feeds me like you did yo @cossyojiakor i dont pretend to be nice when i can actually kill others silently. Stop sending me dms now! Otherwise you eill be sorry”

@iyaboojofespris this for blocking me. You want me to spill and i take the challenge!
Your mother lives in the house with you in one of the other two rooms upstairs. She was with us in the living room watching Tv. She knows all the shit we talked about. No respect. Apostle greeted her familiarly when he came and she went upstairs before all of later retired to your room. Your Househelp a dirty looking black short girl brought me water to drink. You did a boob job for firm up your boobs paid for by apostle. Na only stomach you no see do. Should i continue??? Or you go behave now? @cossyojiakor Nne biko leave this girl for make i finish am. I have facts!

Nne Sharon @porte101 na so you carry yourself enter my gist. Ok make i spill a part of your own.
“You are grandmother of olosho in lagos. You have done prostitution on allen junctions in the late 90s and graduated to night club parole babe. Swear with your daughter you and @iyaboojofespris never do threesome and Lesbian moved together msny times! Dont insult me o. Just dwear ni. Idiot.
You spent over 20 yrs on the street doing ashewo yet nothing to show for it except clothes wey iyabo dey wear dash you. I understand you problem. Ndo! You and your younger sister fadekemi momoh wey dem chase comot for South Africa as she use pussy finish there! Shut your mouth now and i go stop your own! Anuwhofia!
Iyabo, i don warn you to tame your girls to shut up. The more they create account to yab me, the more i open your can of worms.
Tell us how you dropped out of secondary school at SS1 because when your mates dey read book, na prick you dey master @iyaboojofespris tell us your real age Nne!”
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