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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Popular Married Actress Reveals How Friends Introduced Her Into Lesbianism (See Photos)

nmmm, It seems Ghanaian actress, Cecilia Konamah, is avoiding cheap blackmail, as she disclosed that she was once a lesbian, and was introduced into it by a friend.
The actress who revealed her husband knows about this during an interview with Hello FM, further said that she stopped being a lesbian 3 years ago.
'My husband is aware of that. Yes, he knows that I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I had once stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am,' she said.
The actress also warned anyone who will like to bring up her past to crash her
marriage, to give that up;
'I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware,' she added.

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