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Friday, March 31, 2017

Open letter to Kemi Olunloyo "Stop useing @HNNAfrica to assassinate people's character" After acquiring education from tax payers you still behaves like a bush woman!

Dear aunty Kemi On behalf of everyone working so hard to get to their states in life, i write this letter to you, urging you to stop ridiculing people on socia media just for desiring of becoming a celebrity. Your bullying has cause so much pains in the life of hardworking citizens. You base on dragging the names of the successful through the mud in other to gain popularity, its so sick and evil

If you are not fighting with celebrities you are fighting with pastors with your lies. Haba! na only you deh Social Media?. When you are out from prison learn to be truthful before using that your @HNNAfrica to assassinate people's character left, right and centre.

I know it's been tough, but I'm hoping you know we know life been tough for you, im hoping you see a better ways to make your dreams come true, it's not not been easy to carry about your pharmacist  certificate up and down yet no office to work with. dreams of being known world wide, dreams of being respected. dreams of worlds listingning to you while you talk.  hope you give your dreams another shot in a different dimension

From the confussed state of mind please see light,

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

From bitter lesson, im hoping you now know that you cant only bully people on social media just to achieve your "i wanna be celebrity dreams"

We read your post each week all through the years abussing people on social media claiming exceptional investigate journalist, yet you never comeup with any authentic evidence. you never care how many home you may have broken for your acusations.... how many heart you have broken while hiden under unbrella of investigative journalist....
and all this you do is just to get atenssion! if not that your family is rich and well respected one would think you are just hungry and need to do anything just to put food on the table of your family..

Anty Kemi, YOU ARE among the luckiest people in Nigeria, out of 182,2 milione people in Nigeria only few 2000000 are lucky as you to have such rich respected family you have, you were given Education home and abroad, you were well fed,  yet what good have you done for yourself and for Nigerians ? what way have Nigerian benefited the schularship you got from the tax payers money?   Nigerians who never got 2% opurtunity your family gave you are the one suffering because you can read and write... you keep ACCUSING who ever you think you should be like....

You fought so hard to bring them down because you think people respect them more than the way they respects you, you see them as the rock blocking the way to your dreams, you dont care if  what you says about them will hurt them or break their homes and relationships.. haba Anty kemi  u get mind ooo

Biko this is not what investigative jounalist is about naaaaa

 People say all this act from woman of your age is out of frustration, kolomental  jealousy, and envy . but i say is act of confusion... i think you are only confused in this life that you've never known what you want and who you are made of.... if not confusion how can you acquire all the oGBonge first class certificates you brags about every day that you  acquired arround the world from Pharmacist to  journalist etc and yet you ended up on social media dragging post with people who made their way without eating 3 square meal a day to get where they are?. Dada biko metu ifelle

Aunty Kemi you went to school all your life without standing at road side to sale Orange or purewater to survive yet you come out and call those who sold things just to get to where they are names..... Its Shameful how you run so fast to call Nigerians Illiterate,

Over 80% of educated  Nigerians saw themselves through school to acquire  education and over 150 000000 Nigerians didnt have the opportunity.to go to school and 20% who went cant even defend their certificate because of poor education system in Nigeria. yet you that got everything on plater of gold call them names.............. nnahhh aunty Kemi you need to educate your MIND oooo?? You might say im an illiterate but dont worry let me spare you the energy.
I wasnt opportune to be educated as you are.
 aunty Kemi you are dragging Blogs, Twitter handle with me JUST FOR A WEBSITE VISIT hahaha but the big deffrence between us is that i've never dragged anybody's home into pains because of a headlines.  
Do you know that the good thing you did so well was

Olunloyo’s Daughter Champions Cause Of Biafra
Kemi, a daughter of a former governor of Oyo State, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo, is taking her social media support for the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and founder of the outlawed Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, overseas.
The activist, who is popularly known as Controversial Kemi in the social media circle, last year, unveiled an online campaign aimed at seeking support for the release of Kanu and advancing the cause.
That would have taken you to

 that #appointment or #nigeriabesteverqueenofblogger you wished to be. we see how you hashtag your self #celebrity#bestblogger#queenofblogger#autentic etc

Na better cloth deh sale emself na, we know who you be, as a matter of fact Nigerian bloggers are yet to know you
Anty Kemi i wish i could spare you a pain, cant help but tell you how e tak be oooo

For those who claps and praises you when you try to rubish your rivals, give them no thought because they just want to see you distroyed, they were never your fans never your sort, they just want to see you drown, as you are back from the prison after your last (busybody.....imost be noticed, i most make a headline) draged you to prison, Start a new life

Start a new life you've gone from "girl to womam"

As your fans and your international connection has failed you, i remeber how you Always bragged with them yet  they didnt even  help you out of this your small prolem, eehenn i even hear say u no fit pay money to comeout sef ni??

Well as you come home be strong and wiser
You have beautiful kids who are looking upto you
Manners and humility will see you through, you are a great woman of intelligence, you still

have all the opportunity you need for greatness 
"cheap at the price."

Do you really want to be locked up again?
or put friends,@realNigerian celebrities and loved ones through more terrible pain?

i know you are not so religious as you really should be, But remember that Karma it don't care if you believe in God or not. the way you rubish peoples name because you can write eeehhhn nmmm, well liv mater im sure prison most change you.

Now you should pray to God to show you the right way to your dreams. fighting people everyday on social newtwork wont take you to your dreams
Reflect on things you have done all this years and make it right today And see your life through to a fruitful end.

Just want you to know, i love you dear Anty Kemi infact the
one thing you did so well and that made alot of Nigerians to know you was this

 Anty Kemi you did it so well that even your frienimies became scared that you will soon grab your dreams, your Facebook page likes comment shares grew over night......... not until your enemies remberd you and cicked you out of your line, you lost fucuse again, how they did it i dont know, but they suceeded in nocking you out of your way to grateness........you became confused again

And if ever in doubt please read your trafic you got then and now!! read them again.  Stop your dirty childish social media drama, that life is for lil girls

Love, Bright Elias Ritrovato #BER thatportharcourtgirl   xxxx
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Operation Leave The Road Kicks Off In Port Harcourt

The Special Task Force set up by the  Rivers State governor, Mr Nyesom Wike, to implement the Operation Leave the Road exercise, yesterday, removed  over 2,000 tyres from the streets of GRA, Nkpogu and Stadium in  Port Harcourt, the state capital.According to a statement by Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the  Governor, Electronic Media: “This followed the expiration  of the one-week ultimatum given to street traders, vulcanisers, road side mechanics, artisans, street vendors and other persons who constitute nuisance on the roads by Governor Wike to vacate the roads of Port Harcourt.
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Another Billionaire businessman weds two friends same weekend (See Photos)

According to the story trending online, Kenyan millionaire, Javan Bidogo got married to two friends, Elvas and Asha same weekend in different lavish occasions. A Facebook user, Maybelline Boma who shared the news said that the man found the two ladies attractive and decided to marry them both.
He first got married to Elvas on Saturday the 25th of March at Golden Jubilee Towers while he married Asha the next day at Serena Hotel In Dar es Salaam.
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The Arrest Of Kemi Olunloyo: Nothing But A Sham & Shame- Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi is very upset at the moment. He took to his instagram page to lash out at Nigeria and her people saying, those who have done this to Ms Olunloyo have no iota of dignity, calling it sham and shame. His full words below…The shame of a nation: @hnnafrica has fortunately or unfortunately become the shame of this shameless country call Nigeria. This image will forever linger in our memory and it will make Ms Olunloyo more popular than anticipated. 
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Snake Who Wanted To Eat Up Porcupine, Gets Attacked Instead (See Photos)

Wince-inducing footage appears to show a snake writhing in pain after being pierced with a porcupine's spike after attempting to eat it. A video captures the boa constrictor squirming as dozens of white quills protrude from its skin in Brazil.The impaled reptile had apparently attempted to eat the porcupine but came off worse when the animal defended itself with its quills.
The snake slithers and thrashes for almost two minutes, while a man records its pain.
Things got even worse for the reptile when the filmmaker's dog bounded over and started barking at it.
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Government Tompolo Branded A Hero As Niger Deltans Set To Celebrate His 46th Birthday In Grand Style..

Even after the EFCC listed the Ex-Delta militant, Tompolo as one of it’s most wanted criminal, his Kinsmen are not even bothered or swayed by such reports as they are set to celebrate his 46th birthday in grand style.

 Even the governor of Delta state as his Deputy as tipped as guest of honour? Wawu!

What is the future of corruption fight In Nigeria if the people always protect their own.. Well what would i say when the leaders fighting the corruption are also wanted in USA. Abeg what do i even know saf??? let me come ans be goin....

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See Shocking Photos As A Goat Gives Birth To A Human-like Kid In Taraba State.I saw this shocking photo on Hausa Facebook page,Rariya….The sub head above was gotten via peoples suggestion on what could be the cause of such thing to happen,…..A goat giving birth to a human being.
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"Please stop hugging transformers" - APC beg Nigerians

lol! The Nigeria's ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC,  has warned Nigerians to stop hugging transformers.

The statement was made via one of their Twitter handles. Read below...
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SEE The Face Of Man Who Raped A 7 Months Old Baby

The picture isn’t clear, it’s just for you to see what he looks like. He is 55, and the seven months old baby is his step daughter. It happened in Kastina and he is currently being held by the police while the baby is responding to treatment at Turai Yar’Adua Maternity and Children Hospital.
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See how this 18-year-old girl sold her Virginity for £2 Million (Photos)

An 18-year-old Romanian teenager, Aleexandra Kefren who went viral on the net after she appeared on 'This Morning' show in November last year, to announce that she intend to sell her virginity to the highest bidder after she avowed she already had an offer of £1.7million from a wealthy businessman, has finally sold it.
The aspiring model from Bucharest, in Romania claims she has sold her virginity to a Hong Kong businessman for £2million. Despite her family threatening to disown her over the deal.
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Kenyan pastor visits mortuary to resurrect his dead wife but fails (see photos)

The Pastor Mr Robinson Githumba of Eagle Prophetic Church alongside his followers spent a whole day at Embu mortuary praying and hoping that his wife will resurrect after she died from tuberculosis.
Read The Full report below:
A pastor and his followers spent the day at Embu mortuary praying with the hope that his wife will resurrect.
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He is a human and not a monkey" Cynthia Morgan calls out Charlize Theron for dressing her adopted son like a girl

Cynthia Morgan has taken to her Instagram page to call out Hollywood actress, Charlize Theron.
Why? For dressing her five-year-old adopted son like a girl. The singer is angry at Theron's approach labelling her a racist for what is been done to the boy.
According to her, "This is a Total outrage.I am not a human right activist.
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Shocking: Kenyan man chops off his penis and throws it to dog, says it was of no use to him (see photos)

Residents of Naivasha are reeling from shock after a man chopped off his private parts and threw them to a dog saying they were of no value to him.

According to the Star Kenya, on Wednesday, March 29th, the man from Karai started with a razor blade but finished cutting off his penis with a knife.
Screams from his on one-room house attracted members of the public who called police for help
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Have you seen Galaxy S8 and S8+ Phones?? (See photos)

Samsung’s calls this the “infinity display”, and even the home button has been removed, replaced with a pressure-sensitive section at the bottom of the screen.
Launching on 28 April (though pre-order customers will receive theirs a week early), the Galaxy S8 will retail at £689 and the S8+ at £779.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shocking: Another Married kenyan woman gets stuck with boyfriend while having sex (see video)

Here’s the shocking moment a married woman got trapped with her lover while they were having intimacy. The incident happened in a Kenyan hotel, “Explor-Inn hetole Bar.resto”.
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38 year old woman commits suicide after being childless for 8 years

A 38 year old woman, Lovina Odo who has been married to her husband, Mr. Okechukwu Odo for over 8 years without a child took her life today at No. 1, Ukpaka lane, Umusiome Village, Nkpor-agu, Anambra State.
The husband, who works at a car wash said he returned home from work at about 6:30pm and met sympathisers around his one-room apartment.
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Tears As Another IMSU Student Murdered By Cultists In Owerri And THIS Happened (Graphic Photos)

According to multiple online reports, a young man was last night murdered in cold blood, at Imo State University back gate, by unidentified gun man, suspected to be cultists following a brief quarrel. The dead has being identify as Jboy.
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Women Protest Nu de In Anambra Over Fulani Herdsmen Attack (most see)

Shock as Hundreds of youths and women in Umuoba Anam community, Anambra East local government area of Anambra State yesterday embarked on nu de protest. They were protesting against their traditional ruler, Igwe G.A. Ekwealor, who they accused of allegedly supporting the activities of herdsmen in the area.
The protesters who claimed their action was to appease the gods following what they described as debasement of their land by their traditional ruler who allegedly allowing Fulani herdsmen into their community where they had been terrorising farmers.
The monarch, however, denied the allegation, saying that he had no hand in bringing the herdsmen to Umuoba Anam community. Addressing journalists in Awka, Chairman of Anambra East traditional rulers’ council, Igwe Alex Edozieuno, who is the traditional ruler of Mkpunabo Kingdom said that when the matter was brought to the council, it was deliberated upon with Igwe Ekwealor subsequently absolved of any wrong doing.
Igwe Edozieuno said the council also invited elders of the community who condemned the protesters and urged them to appease the gods for their action. He harped on the importance of peace and stability in all the communities in the local government, bearing in mind that it was Governor Willie Obiano’s local government.
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Shocking: Islamic Leader R.apes 14 Year-old Pupil To Cover Her Dad's Debt

A 31-year old Islamic religious leader in Zimbabwe, James Gande has reportedly r.aped 14-year old girl and congregant, saying that she had to pay for her father's debt. The incident was reported to have happened at the mosque, after threatening to stab the girl with a knife.
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Dino Melaye Certificate scandal: See 7 Incontrovertible Facts That Nailed The Senator

The embattled Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye was on Monday 27 cleared by Vice Chancellor, Ahamadu Bello University, Prof Ibrahim Garba on certificate and graduation controversies. 

The Senator has since slammed a N5billion legal suit against SaharaReporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore.
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See More photos from the wedding of the man who married two wives same time in Delta State

Here are more photos of the Man, Mr. Emamuzo who married two wives, Janet and Osioni, in Isoko South LGA of Delta State.
A Facebook user who attending the wedding ceremoney shared some photos from the eventful event and congratulated them.
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My husband 'pastor' abandoned me for an evangelist, woman tells court

A housewife and mother of four, Kafayat Moses, on Wednesday, asked the Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to Moses Odeyemi over abandonment.
Kafayat informed the court that her husband, though a Pastor, had abandoned her for another woman, thereby, denying her all the rights of a wife.
“Things were going on smoothly between us until 2014 when Moses suddenly came to introduce to me a woman evangelist whom he said was a perfect spiritual worker with him.
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Sex Scandal: Ex Governor's Daughter Kemi Olunloyo, Walson Granted Bail [see photos]

lol! Controversial blogger and CEO HNNAfrica, Kemi Olunloyo and Samuel Walson, a journalist from Rivers state have been granted bail by a Magistrates’ court in Port Harcourt.

The Chief Magistrate, Alatuwo Elkanah Fubara, in his ruling granted the two accused media practitioners bail in the sum of two hundred thousand Naira with credible sureties who reside in Port Harcourt, Daily Post reports.
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See Inside Justin Bieber’s New £100k/Month London Mansion With This Amazing Video Tour

We wonder what the neighbours will think about JB moving in!
He's one of the biggest recording artists on the planet with millions and millions of loyal fans around the world.
Having travelled around the globe performing in front of huge audiences, Justin must have seen some incredible places.
But whilst he's currently in the UK as part of his Purpose Tour, it seems he's fallen in love with the place.
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“I am free from psychopaths” —Actress Tonto Dikeh

The Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who is currently in a deep marriage chaos just shared a cryptic quote about physical and verbal abusers.
Apparently, she’s throwing a subtle shade at her estranged husband calling him a psychopath.
The quote reads, “Most of us were taught to identify physical and verbal abuse, but with psychopaths, the abuse is not so obvious.You likely won’t even understand that you were in an abusive relationship until long after it’s over. Through personalised and idealisation and subtle devaluation, a psychopath can effectively erode the identity of any chosen target.From an outsider’s perspective, you will appear to have lost it, while the psychopath calmly walks away, completely unscathed. Psychopath free.“
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Man rapes 17-year-old physically-challenged Facebook lover who turned out to be his niece

Abuchi Stanley, a 25 year old, has been arrested for allegedly abducting, drugging and raping a physically challenged 17 year old teenager in Lagos, who later turned out to be his niece.
Read Below the report from PM Express:
A 25-year old man, Abuchi Stanley has been arrested and charged before a Lagos court for allegedly abducting, drugging and raping a physically challenged 17-year old teenager in Lagos.
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