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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

War In APC, As Kwankwaso Organises 2019 Mega Rally To Unseat Sick Buhari

There is outrage in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, as former Governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, has taken his “campaign rally” to President Muhammadu’s home State, Kastina.
This came as the APC has set up an Investigative Committee, to uncover the motive behind the rally organised by members of the Kwankwasiyya movement, in Katsina recently, of which Kwanwaso was the ring leader.
Recall, that Thousands of Kwankwaso’s loyalists, under the auspices of the movement, converged in Katsina, the venue of the just concluded APC’s zonal meeting, on the assumption that the meeting would discuss the lingering Kano crisis.
However, having realised that the meeting was not meant to discuss the Kano crisis, some elders among them appealed to Kwankwaso, to address his followers at the Muhammad Dikko Stadium.
The former Governor granted the request ,and addressed the crowd for a few minutes.
It was observed that a video clip showing the Kwankwaso addressing a mammoth crowd of his supporters, went viral on the social media.
This development led to the constitution of a nine-member Committee by the APC leadership, in Kano State, to investigate the motive behind the rally.
According to the party, the action of the Kwankwasiyya group contravened the rules and regulations guiding political rallies, as prescribed by both the Nigerian and APC’s Constitutions.
The Alhaji Abdullahi Abbas-led APC, accused Senator Kwankwaso and his supporters of organising an ‘illegal’ political rally, and exhibiting what they described as ‘unruly behaviour.’
The nine-man Committee, under the leadership of Muhammad Yahaya, was therefore mandated to investigate why Kwankwasiyya organised the rally, even though it was not a season of political rallies or campaigns; why the rally coincided with the party’s zonal meeting in Katsina; why it was held at the venue of the meeting; who organised the rally and why; what transpired at the rally, and who among the members of the party attended it.
Speaking on Sunday, the Chairman of the Kano State chapter of the APC, Abdullahi Abbas, said the Kwankwasiyya rally in Katsina was illegal, and must be investigated thoroughly, to forestall re-occurrence in the future. He said the investigation was aimed at bringing sanity to political activities in Kano State.
“This is not the time for political campaign or rally. The leadership of the party in Kano will not fold its arms and watch some of its members violate its constitution and the nation’s constitution at will. We will not let them go scot-free.
“The worst part of the whole issue is that these people made some ambiguous pronouncements at the rally, which need to be investigated. We are expecting the nine-member Committee, to establish who the Kwankwasiyya followers referred to as a witch? They said at the rally that a witch in the APC had dominated the party. We want to know who that witch is,” Abbas stated.
Abbas reiterated that the leadership of the party would not allow its name to be tainted by members of Kwankwasiyya, in their efforts to achieve some political goals. He said the APC as a political party was guided by constitution, therefore, all party members irrespective of their statuses, must respect the rules and regulations governing the party.
“It is apparent that the rally organised by Kwankwasiyya, in Katsina State, was political, and by doing so, the group has violated both the Nigerian constitution and the APC constitution. This is unacceptable, and we will not allow this to continue. The party will definitely sanction any of its members found violating these constitutions,” he said.
Commenting on the development, Dr. Yunusa Dangwani, Kwankwaso’s diehard loyalist, said that as far as the Kwankwasiyya group was concerned, the probe Committee as constituted by the APC was illegal; hence they would not support its activities.
“First of all, the reasons given by the APC for constituting the Committee were not justifiable. In fact, the issue of constituting this Committee does not even arise in the first place, because as far as Kwankwasiyya is concerned, Alhaji Umar Haruna Doguwa is the Chairman of the APC in Kano; therefore, any Committee constituted by any other person in the name of the APC, apart from him, is unconstitutional and we will not honour it.
“We have never recognised Alhaji Abdullahi Abbas as the Chairman of the APC in Kano; hence we will not honour anything related to the party that comes through him. This is our stand, and there is no going back.
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