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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gowon Confesses: "Ipob Is Right We Killed Over 6 Milliion Biafrans Just To Preserve The Shape Of Nigeria's Map

 After the 1967-1970 genocide perpetrated by Yakubu Gowon, Obafemi Awolowo, Olosegun Obasanjo and Nigeria in general; the continued pogroms and the innumerable hostilities against Biafrans, Gowon has again lied to the whole world on the reason behind their

Yakubu Gowon who was visited by Senator Shehu Sani in Abuja on Wednesday, 3rd of August 2016, reacting to the recent demand by Nigerians on the need to restructure the country, cited the 1967-1970 event. He stated "we had to do something to ensure the fear of their seceding did not exit; a serious issue of a part of the country wanting to breakaway when we already lost a part to Cameroon.’’ 

.....This is the Map of Nigeria without Biafra. Gowon wants the world to believe that he killed 6 million Biafrans to retain the map of Nigeria as Britain drew it because Nigeria will tilt into the Atlantic ocean without Biafra 'wedging' it

As unbelievable as it might seem, he went further to say that ‘’If we had allowed the eastern region to go away, the map of Nigeria would have looked funny; it would have tilted one way.’’ What an idiotic reasoning. What was the shape of Nigeria map before 1914? Were our people not living in peace and harmony?

It is regrettable to realize that a great genocide on a people could be committed just to keep the shape of a map…, the world allowed it and has continued to throw deaf ears towards Biafra and her plight, just because we are blacks.

Nursing mothers watched their babies die, children were starved to death, women were raped, camps were bombed, families were separated, men were marched out, tortured and killed …all was for the sake of the shape of a map; the world looked on and was pleased with it.

This is the map of Czechoslovakia before it split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 6 million people did not need to die for this to happen

The map of Nigeria without Biafra will not be more tilted than Mali, Guinea, Chile, Peru, Thailand, Norway nor Sweden. If I may ask,.... tilted to where? Is the Nigeria's map standing as a condominium that could crash if tilted or just a mere geographical drawing? Nigeria’s map shape without Biafra would have been in close resemblance with countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

According to Global Policy Forum (GPF), "a nation is a large group of people with strong bonds of identity.’’ GPF went further to explain that "nations seem so compelling, so real, and so much a part of the political and cultural landscape, that people think they have lasted forever. In reality, they come into being and dissolve with changing historical circumstances –sometimes over a relatively short period of time, like Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.’’

This is the map of Itali standing almost on a thread still surviving as a nation, yet Gowon wants Nigeria to stand on a broad base map to survive as a country. To achieve this, Gowon killed 6 million Biafrans in a genocide of 1967-70 and the world was silent about this till today.

This definition seems to be with the exclusion of Africa because if the world had considered it as such, then so many wars in Africa would have been needless; the right for indigenous people would have been functional.

Europe ensured they achieved some level of understanding among nations by granting all indigenous people their independence with the exception of Wales, Scotland, Catalonia and few others, who though not independent, enjoy all privileges of Indigenous People as enshrined in the United Nation’s Charter.

Hell would have let loose if Germany and England were merged as a country just for the sake of an intended map shape, France and Spain would have been merged to create the shape of a number ‘’8’’, Sweden could have killed all Norwegians for the sake of map shape, United States of America would have been merged with Mexico to make it the shape of a fish tail.

It is fast becoming more obvious to the world that Britain and Nigeria have no good reason to unleash such bestialities on Biafra and her people. The perpetrators of this continued genocide are desperate to justify their abominable acts; but they more they try, the guiltier they become.

Biafrans were killed for their natural resources. Britain started it all, they kidnapped us for slavery, stole our arts and kept in their museums, and has later masked themselves in Nigeria to continue their deeds. From 10 Downing Street, they rule Nigeria, they dictate for the United Nations and speak for the whole of Europe.

Biafrans again have woken up to take our destiny into our hands. The world called it "Self Determination’’ but to us, it is a way of life. We believe in human right, we believe in independence, we believe in liberty, we believe in freedom. We did not learn it from any man. These traits are our identity; it differentiates us from Nigerians, it made us a nation.

Biafra existed long before Nigeria was created. As other countries broke away from Biafra, we did not slaughter them to retain a shape. No, it was not necessary. Till Britain finally enslaved us to Nigeria and deleted our name from the world map, we were already a nation. And that's what we are striving to restore.

Whatever be the shape of our map, we are more interested in having our identity back. We want to be free from every oppression, real or perceived. We want to end modern slavery in West Africa. Biafrans want to restore the pride of the black man. God, shield us from the fury unleashed by our enlightment!

Written By Chinedu Ewulu

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