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Thursday, February 16, 2017

FEMALE dog dies after Muslim rapes her to death, then rapes her carcass


Aslam Khan, a native of Delhi was arrested in Hyderabad by the Mailardevpally Police, for murdering the dog and raping her carcass. However, police have not yet determined whether the man strangled the animal first, or if she died during the sex act.

The media  describe this as “a man having unnatural sex.” Unnatural? There are rules in Islam for having sex with animals.

India Today (h/t Siddharth) Aslam had come to Hyderabad to meet his friends. Reportedly, the poor dog was the pet of Md. Jahangir, a resident of Shastripuran area. In the morning, when he heard some weird and abnormal noises coming from the dog, he asked his sons to go see what’s wrong. Jahangir’s sons were baffled to catch the man indulging in an unnatural sex act with the dog.

The dog was a stray and was fed and taken care of by neighbors.

Today’s case comes three months after two medical Muslim students in Chennai threw a dog from the roof and filmed its fall. Luckily, the dog survived and was helped to heal by animal rights activists. The horrifying video amplified calls for tougher Indian laws to punish cruelty to animals. 

See Video below:

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/man-kills-rapes-dog-in-hyderabad-arrested-by-police/1/794520.html
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