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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

7 ways you can report police officers who harass or intimidate you (Must See)

The increasing cases of harassments and intimidation of citizens by law enforcement agencies has been a source of worry for the authorities.
In response, Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris established what he called the Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU) in November 2016
At the launching of the unit in 2016, the IGP said: “The Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit is a unit in the force saddled with the responsibility of receiving and resolving all complaints of police professional misconduct emanating from policing activities and operations nationwide.
“The unit is available 24 hours a day to listen to members of the public from across Nigeria.”
The PCRRU has proven to be an effective unit within the police force that is committed to protecting the rights of citizens.
According to Biodun Kekereola who wrote on Leadership, the PCRRU is capable of effectively bringing the public into the fight against police professional misconduct.
There are ways to reach the PCRRU. They are:
1. Website (http://npf.gov.ng/complaint/)
2. Phone numbers (08057000001, 08057000002)
3. Sms and WhatsApp (08057000003)
4. Twitter (@PoliceNG_PCRRU)
5. Facebook (www.facebook.com/policepcrru)
6. Email (policepcrru@gmail.com)
7. BBM (5BA2B5DE)
All these avenues have been made really user-friendly and available all day.
With all these, and with enough awareness on the part of the public, bad policing and professional misconduct would no longer go unnoticed and unchecked.
It is pertinent that every Nigerian knows about all these so that they can participate in ridding the Force of the so-called bad eggs.
The mere fact these avenues of complaint are available, and our police officers know that we can utilize them at all times, they would be wary of their almost inborn attitudes of carefree extortionist tendencies.
Moreso, this effort is being institutionalised, automated and made rapid and capable of being monitored. Like citizens journalism, it appears that citizens policing is already beginning to take shape.
Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has acquired dog trailers under its K9 unit in its quest to combat crimes in Nigeria.

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