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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shocking: Lightning kills six people at a funeral in Zimbabwe

Heavy rains have deluged Zimbabwe in recent days, causing floods and killing people who attempted to cross rivers that had burst their banks.
Lightning killed six people at a funeral wake in Zimbabwe as they sheltered under a tree to escape torrential rain, police said Wednesday.
The lightning struck the mourners Sunday in Binga in northwest Zimbabwe, near the border with Zambia.
“The victims were part of the gathering attending a funeral wake when heavy rains pounded the area,” said police spokeswoman Charity Charamba.
“They sought shelter under a tree and were struck by a bolt of lightning, killing them instantly.”
Several others were injured and taken to hospital, Charamba said.
“Members of the public should also install lightning conductors at their homes so that lightning bolts are easily conducted to the ground,” she said.
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