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Thursday, January 19, 2017

President Buhari has created another system of corruption – Emir Sanusi

Many people has commended Emir Sanusi for his timely statement on the Nigerian economy, others however, chose to focus on a particular statement he made which many see as “carrying weight” as it suggests something quite interesting.
Sanusi while delivering a lecture on Wednesday at the 15th meetings of the joint planning board and national council on development planning in Kano, titled ‘Nigeria in search of new growth model’, has made some shocking statements which attracted commendations from economic experts, but concern to ordinary Nigerians.
But we have created another set of millionaires since 2015 from foreign exchange.
He accused the Buhari led administration for indirectly following the path of recent administration on issues relating to financial  fraud. He puts it as quoted below:
‘’We can always talk of the policies of the previous administration and we talk of oil subsidy and how it turned people into oil millionaires.
But we have created another set of millionaires since 2015 from foreign exchange. 
‘‘The people telling the government that if you devalue people will suffer are the ones benefiting presently. They bought the dollar at N179 and price their goods at N300.The poor pay the price of a devalued currency, the rich take the profit.
“You may not like it, but that is the truth. Any system that allows you, with one telephone call, to make N1bn without investing one kobo; the system is wrong,” Sanusi added.
Following this stunning revelations, Nigerians have since expressed outrage that the government which promised to fight corruption, turned out to be most corrupt itself. They also accused the Buhari administration of destroying the Nigerian economy and creating hardship for Nigerians by using scarce forex to enrich a few individuals in the name of subsidy. Below are some of the reactions we compiled.
Mrs Helen a petty trader, who spoke in hausa expressed her disappointment with the current government, she said, “All my life I’ve never seen such a cruel and heartless government like this one. Since this government came into power, things has been getting worse. Our husbands are either losing their jobs, or are not being paid for months. All we’ve been hearing is ‘be patient, be patient,’ for God sake, what would we gain if our patience took us to our early grave? While they are telling us to be patient, many have already died. Tell me, what is their benefit? Many have also become thieves even stealing cooked food just to survive. I don’t blame APC, I blame those who voted and bring this evil upon us. Now look at it, they are busy sharing our monies to themselves. God is watching!
Adamu in his own reaction, simply said, “If they like, let them eat the whole central bank. God will not leave us alone.”
 Any system that allows you, with one telephone call, to make N1bn without investing one kobo; the system is wrong – SANUSI
Mr. Reuben a public servant, said,” This is the government that said it is fighting corruption. The word clueless is not even the right word to use. It’s simply a government that is out to suck the blood of innocent Nigerians. Just imagine, despite all the pains and agonies in the country, the federal government could craft out a secret agenda, that would turn few people  into billionaires over night at the expense of the country. If this is not wickedness, what is it?”
Miss Ruth a student, on her part said, “Initially, I never cared about going out for elections because I have the believe that all politicians are the same. My brothers however, tried and convince me and I took part in the last election. Honestly, I now realize the importance of voting. If Jonathan had, won, may be things would not have been like the way it is today. So I am proud I voted for him even though he lost the election. Things were better then than now.”
On Sanusi’s revelation, she said, “Corruption is a normal thing in Nigeria because those claiming to fight corruption are the most corrupt people in the country. If the leaders are corrupt, how can they fight corruption? I’m actually surprised that Emir Sanusi is the one saying all this. He really deserve commendation for letting the cat out of the bag. He seriously made my day.” She concluded.
Lastly, Mr Hosea a Teacher, said, “My take is simple, Buhari is a mistake. I don’t understand why he is still Nigeria’s President. If it where in serious countries, he would have been long impeached. Is he the owner of the economy or does Nigeria’s money belongs to him? Today, all indicators are showing us that APC is destroying the country. I expected serious response from our representatives at the National Assembly. But it’s like we all must crash together. The poor masses are the ones to suffer most at the end. May God save us in this country.”
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