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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prepare To Let Biafrans Go! Or Restructure Nigeria, Obama Tells Buhari

President Obama wants a peaceful restructuring of Nigeria and have been working round the clock to make some headway before he leaves office. The US President has tasked Secretary of State John Kerry with this diplomatic shuttle
Two months ago, John Kerry paid a visit to Nigeria. His first port of call; Sokoto. Remember the British has an Agreement with Sokoto Caliphate, NOT WITH NIGERIA. So, Kerry had to respect that Agreement.
After the meeting with the Sultan, Kerry met with the governors from the 19 Northern States. He finally met with President Buhari. The message was simple; prepare for the restructuring of Nigeria.
The other week, twelve Governors of the Northern States were in Washington D.C. The message was still the same; prepare for restructuring.
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