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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

OMG!! See how Squirrels Raid a Store Stealing Dozens of Chocolate – See How They Did It (Video)

Toronto – Squirrels on rampage, stealing and carting away chocolate from a store showing a clear preference for Crunchie, the animals aim for bars on the lower shelves so they can make a speedy exit with their loot.

So far, they have struck more than 40 times at the shop in Toronto, with the owner setting up CCTV to gather evidence. Paul Kim, owner of Luke’s Grocery, said: ‘At least two squirrels are robbing us. A black one (or more) and a light brown one (or more).’
‘Though we can’t see it the moment it commits the theft because the bars are displayed below the counter, we can hear a distinct rustling.

‘When we come around the counter to try to catch it, we can see the squirrel running off with the bar in its mouth. ‘It’s slower than normal by that point, obviously because it has a huge and heavy chocolate bar in its mouth, but it’s still hard to catch. 
‘We tried running after it, but it’s still faster.
‘A couple of times, passerbys and customers tried chasing after it with us, but once it goes up a tree, it’s game over.’ 
Unsure what to do, Paul posted on Reddit to ask for advice about the crimes, which started in autumn last year.
‘We could try closing the door, but then the store will get stuffy, and it just costs too much to cool down the place enough all day every day,’ he said.

‘We also tried calling animal services, but they only seem to be concerned about lost/killed animals/pets.

watch video:
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