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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Black magic? A popular businessman caught naked and crying with bucket of Money at Midnight (See photo)

A prominent Zvishavane businessman (name supplied) who owns a brick yard near Mandava Stadium was allegedly caught by a security guard naked and crying before a bucket that was filled with water and US$
notes, reports Masvingo Mirror.
The shocking incident took place midnight last week in Zimbabwe. According to a guard who witnessed the incident, he allegedly heard the businessman crying at the brickyard and approached thinking that it was a thief but to his shock, he realised that it was his boss.
“I was on patrol when I heard a voice crying and I approached the scene. I then brought out my gun thinking it was a thief and instructed the man to lie down and to my surprise it was the boss,” said the security guard who identified himself as Tawanda Mudereri.
The businessman refuted the allegations in an interview with The Mirror. He accused the security guard of trying to blackmail him for unspecified reasons.
“Those are lies. We are in business and such people are paid to tarnish my image so that I lose business,” said the businessman.
Mudereri said he was shocked to see a bucket full of US$ notes immersed in water while the bulky businessman was crying.
“When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was bathing as it was hot. He further said he was crying because his money had dropped into water together with his Samsung phone,”said Mudereri.
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