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Friday, January 20, 2017

APC: No Intimidation Can Stop The People’s Voice In Bayelsa

All Progressive Congress (APC) Bayelsa State chapter, on Thursday in a statement condemned the threat and intimidation by the commissioner of information and orientation in the state, Jonathan Obuebite, saying that no intimidation by the state government can stop the voice of the people.
This was signed by the party’s state publicity secretary, Hon Fortune Panebi, while making the position of the party known about recent developments in the state.
Panebi made it clear that the people in have the voice and fundamental right to speak at anytime when necessary as far as it concerns their political and socio-economic lives.
He also said individuals should be allowed to make heir views known without insulting the personality of other people.
The party’s spokesman also debunked the alleged reception to be organized for its governorship candidate, Chief Timipre Sylva, as claimed by the Commissioner of Information and Orientation, Jonathan Obuebite, in a statement.
He said: “It has been drawn to our notice that people in Bayelsa State are now being subjected to intimidation when they want to express their views about the political and social issues that bothers them.
“Former President Goodluck  Jonathan, signed the Freedom of Information Bill into Law before he left office in 2015. Based on this Bayelsans and other Nigerians have the right to know and demand any information at anytime.
“The people in any democratic setting have the right bestowed upon them to express their view about their elected representatives and to demand better welfare and accountability.
“It has become worrisome recently with the move and statements oozing out from the party in power in Bayelsa State who have threatened to use state apparatus to silence the voice of Bayelsans when they try to express themselves.
“It has become imperative to state in strong terms that no intimidation can stop the voice of Bayelsans. Let it be made known to the Commission for Information and orientation, Jonathan Obuebite and his pay-master, Governor, Seriake Dickson, that there have been other governors in the likes of Chief Diepreye Alamieyesigha,  Goodluck Jonathan, Timipre Sylva, who have left power, but him (Dickson) will anytime from now leave as others have left because he is a caretaker governor. But we want to state that Bayelsa State cannot be ruled as one man’s empire because the State belongs  to all Bayelsans like him.
“We can no longer sit and watch as Obuebite will continue to insult other Bayelsans because of political differences him and his paid-master have with them. We make say that it is unfortunate and unacceptable because APC will not allow that to continue.”
According to the party’s spokesman the governor has concluded plans to send paid protesters to Abuja for demonstration, which he said the purpose has been covered up, and asked security agencies to be on the alert.
He further stated that the governor ought to be more concerned with the sufferings of workers, pensioners, students, less privileged persons, old people, and others, and how to grow the economy, and not to victimize some sections of the people.
“The Governor who claimed that the people elected him have not shown proactive moves to bring succor to the people.
“The workers have remained terribly frustrated by the governor with half salary payments, some were sacked for no good reasons, pensioners have been bullied and intimidated by some foot soldiers of the governor, they have been denied their salary after working meritoriously for the progress of their state, the old people’s welfare has been relegated to the dust bin, students’ bursary has been suspended.
“The state has remained the least developed part of the Niger Delta region because the governor has no development plan for infrastructure after he was elected. No project is ongoing rather the state is geometrically retrogressing.
“The so-called monthly transparency show off on his accountability is no more, where is the so-called monies saved for the state after illegal deductions from workers salary, the state infrastructure is in a sorry state, and he does not show any seriousness to move the state forward”, he said.
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