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Friday, December 23, 2016

Photos: Why do we Igbos live in one room in city but have mansions in the village used only in December??

Like seriously.😃do Igbos live in one room in the city and have
mansions in village just to use it only in December??? Who does that?? So who are those building mansions in other people land?? I mean mention the name of your landlord let see if it wont be an Igbo name! Igbos are great Developers.  They are supposed to do even better in their own home because no place like home.
Again "No igbo lives in one room in the city and yet owns a mansion in his or her home town, any Igbo rich enough to own a mansion in the village will be rich enough to at least rent a decent home in the city, if you know of any, please let us know.
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