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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Governor Okorocha Is Very Wicked – Dr Duru (see what he did to poor people)

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has been accused of scheming in a bid to deprive pensioners in Imo state of that which is due them, a popular blog reader, Dr Micheal Duru, reports, suggested that the governor has been slashing the entitlements of poor pensioners
to about 40%.
Duru made the claims in a note published on Gossip Mill Naija. Below is the note by the blog reader.
In the morning I was chatting with my Dad over the phone when he excitedly told me that he was hurrying up to Owerri, that Imo state government invited them to come for the payment of their pension arrears. He hurriedly left for Owerri.
I called him via video call this afternoon to ask him how his journey faired, with a gloomy face he sourly said “I wonder how that man (Rochas Okorocha) closes his eyes and sleeps comfortably in his wickedness”.
“He averred that Rochas is owing pensioners more than 20months of their pension arrears but as they got there to collect their due entitlement, they were told that the state government will only pay them 40% of their monthly pension, and not just 40% but 40% of 11months out of 20months arrears they are owed.
As pre-requisite to getting the severely diminished pay, they were mandated to sign a document that stated that they have been paid of all their arrears and they are grateful to the governor for such kind gesture, that they will not engage in any match protest, neither will they report to the media nor write any protest letter against the governor.
It happened that after they must have been compelled and browbeaten into signing the said document, they were then told to go home that the money would be paid into their accounts before the year runs out.
Imagine wickedness!. APC and Rochas Okorocha.. hmmm!.
I’m very sure his media aid and his legion of 80K per month social media “vuvuzelas” would soon come up social media-sphere to mouth lies that he has cleared all pension arrears.”
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